Saturday, July 16, 2011

The wind tunnel

This is what Lata experienced in the wind tunnel.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Whaiora's Shape Picture

My picture is a robot. It's got wheels and it can drive. I used squares, circles, a triangle and an oblong. By Whaiora (Dictated to the teacher)

Angel's Shape Picture

It's a house and a farm. There is a square, a triangle and a diamond. By Angel (Dictated to the teacher)

Penitoa's Shape Picture

Here is the sun, the car and the house. There is a little circle and a big circle, a square and a little square and a triangle. By Penitoa (Dictated to the teacher)

AJ's Shape Picture

Here is a square. I made a sun. Here are some hedgehogs. By AJ (Dictated to the teacher)

Tangimetua's Shape Picture

It's a house. I used a square and a triangle. There is a sun. By Tangimetua (Dictated to the teacher)

Winnie's Shape Picture

The circle is the sun. the house is at the top. The triangle is the roof. By Winnie (Dictated to the teacher)

Saia's Shape Picture

Here is a house, a tree and a sun. there is an oblong, a circle, square, a triangle and another square.

Fasi's Shape Picture

There's a sun, there's a house and there's a truck. I used a circle, squares, a triangle and an oblong. By Fasi (Dictated to the teacher)

Lata's Shape Picture

I used a circle, a square, a triangle and some oblongs. It's a picture of a truck. By Lata (Dictated to the teacher)

Tydre's Shape Picture

My shape picture is about a transformer car. There is a circle, an oblong and a square. By Tydre (Dictated to the teacher)

George's Shape Picture

Here is truck and a mailbox and a sun. I used a circle, an oblong, a triangle and a square. By George (Dictated to the teacher)

Tui's Shape Picture

My pictures has shapes. By Tui (Dictated to the teacher)

Davarni's Shape Picture

My picture looks like a house. I used a circle, a triangle, a square and an oblong. By Davarni (Dictated to the teacher)

Worm Song

Room 4 sings about worms!