Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gardening Gurus!

Here is Room 4 and Room 2's Manaiakalani Film Festival movie. We hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hi Room 4,

    I really enjoyed watching your movie today on the big screen. It is a lot of fun to plant seeds and watch them grow. I especially liked your music that you chose to go with your was peaceful music to go with an activity that I find to be a peaceful way to spend a morning!

  2. Hi Room 4,

    We love your movie! We talked about it in class when we got back to school! You have taught us a lot of things about gardening! Thank you!

    Mrs She and Room 7 at Pt England School.

  3. Good garden you got their.

    Ilaisaane from st pius

  4. Great gardening you guys.
    I sure think that planting seeds and watching them grow is really fun. I want to be a great expert for gardening because you delivered this film to your audience and me and made me more interested in this activity.It was a really great pleasure watching your film because I love seeing young students that are so talented.

    Angelica(a student from st pius x)

  5. That was so great to see all of use having fun growing your seeds
    keep it up hope to see more of your excellent work