Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bug Hunt


  1. Kia ora Room 4
    I loved the movie you made with rooms 2 and 5. It was lovely to see it on the big screen at Sylvia Park.

  2. Hi Room 4

    You were such Super Stars at the film festival. I greatly enjoyed your movie and the way you all were such dedicated bug hunters. I got a fright when I saw the bug on someone's shoulder at the end of the movie!

    Congratulations to your presenters too. What brave and clever people they were.

    Mrs Burt

  3. Hello Room 4

    What a wonderful movie and such a cool story. I really enjoyed listening to you telling the story and all your wonderful faces showing us what it was all about on the screen. I am scared of bugs and your one at the end on the shoulder gave me a fright! hehehe

    Well done to your presenters, they did so well.

    Miss Gleeson

  4. Hello Room 4,
    I would also like to add my congratulations to all of you who were involved in making this wonderful movie, including your special teachers! It was so good to see that you were using the knowledge you have gained this year about animals and insects! You all sounded great and looked like you had fun on your bug hunt!
    Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  5. Hello Room 4,

    Well done on your bug hunt around your school. I am glad you were not invaded by all those bugs.

    Keep up the great work!

    Miss Morris (PBS)

  6. Hello Room 4,

    What a wonderful movie you made. I just loved it. When I worked at Glenbrae school I didn't see any of those BIG bugs that you found. I hope you scared them all away. BUT, I did like their beautiful colours.

    Keep working hard.

    Mrs Mcgregor xxxxx

  7. Hello Room 4 ,

    Wow! your movie was great. Yous were really brave going bug hunting. I also saw some familiar faces. Keep up the great work guys.

  8. Dear Bug Hunters,

    Your guys' movie was really fun. I loved the way that you explained that you were going around and over and through everything I also loved the way that the teacher was making the sound affects and the students copied. Your guys' bugs ere really cute as well!!!!

    Keep up the brilliant work.

  9. Hi room 4 I like your work

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  11. Hi Room 4
    I really liked your video and I enjoyed it.
    Well done room 4

  12. hi room4 I like your video about the bug hunt well done room 4 that was fantastic


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