Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival - The Car Race

In Room 4 we have been learning about transport. Our movie is about what we think a car needs to go! Enjoy our movie, we had fun making it!


  1. hi room 4

    I am from panmure bridge school my name is wiremu i like your movie i think its cool

  2. Hi room 4,

    Cool movie, I really like the race track and the racers uniforms.
    I am Jesse from Stonefields school.
    Nice work!

  3. Kia ora Room 4,
    It was really good to watch your movie about cars racing and what was making the winning car go so fast. Wouldn't it be great if all cars used the Go fast super fuel so that there was no more pollution!
    Well done!
    Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  4. Hi Room 4 you made a fantastic movie. I can not wait to watch your movie next year

  5. Hi Room 4, we are the Sommerville Special School Satellite unit- located at Sylvia Park School.
    We loved watching your race and we thought it was funny when the cat ran onto the racing track.
    Well done on a clever movie.
    From Room 11, SPS

  6. Hi Room 4, I liked it when you raced around the cones. It was funny. Where did you race your cars?

  7. Hi room 4, I like your move. Your class is very good at making this movie for only little children. Who came up with this idea?

  8. Hi Room 4. I haven't been able to come in and visit you all for a long time. So I checked out your blog to see what you have been doing. Wow! You made a great movie about cars that run on super fuel. You taught me a few things. For example, when the cars used your super fuel they didn't pollute the air and harm the cat. Good thinking Room 4. Can your super fuel also be used for trucks and trains and even aeroplanes? What other transport vehicles could use your super fuel?

  9. Hi Room 4

    Go Super Fuel Go. Hey I loved the commentators hard work and awesome work by the racing car drivers.

    Room 5

  10. Hi room 4
    I really liked the video and it was funny.
    From Wendy in Uijeongbu in Korea.

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